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Let’s say you get a new puppy. Congratulations–it’s super fun! You buy a new collar, a leash, a bed, maybe an outfit or two. You start an Instagram (I mean, you’re dressing up a cute puppy. This is the content America needs.).

You make an appointment with your veterinarian, cuz you’re responsible like that. You even sign the little guy up for Puppy Kindergarten. Awesome! You’re doing all the things! Except one. And it’s a long-term, financially responsible, decidedly uncute thing.

Getting pet insurance

You want this. You really, really want this. Let’s say Spot gets his last round of vaccines and you can finally take him to the beach. You’re excited. He’s excited. So excited that he squirms out of your arms and runs right into a slow-moving car.

He’ll be okay, but you’re staring down a couple thousand dollars in surgery to fix him up. And you’ve spent a fair few bucks on those cute sweaters. Well, if you have pet insurance you could be reimbursed for most of those medical expenses.

I will often have a conversation with a pet owner that goes something like this, “To properly diagnose Fluffy, we would need to take some x-rays and do some blood work.” It is soooooo nice when the client can say, “Sure, go ahead. I’ve got insurance.” There’s no guesswork involved, and I can practice the absolute best medicine possible.

Is it like human health insurance? Yes and no.


  1. You have several companies to choose from
  2. Each company has several different plans
  3. You can choose the level of coverage you would like


  1. You can use any doctor you would like
  2. There is no referral necessary before seeing a specialist
  3. You pay up front and are then reimbursed by the company

Thanks to the expansion of the pet insurance industry, there are lots of choices out there. Ask your veterinarian for his or her recommendations. Here are links to a few companies my clients have had great experiences with: