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Products I Love

Surgi Snuggly

Nobody, and I mean NO-body, wants to use the ol’ Cone of Shame. Dogs often don’t like them. Owners don’t like them. And if you have a dog like mine, your furniture and calves show the signs of blunt-force plastic trauma. One option is the Surgi Snuggly, which is a spandex bodysuit that keeps dogs from getting at incisions, hot spots, lick granulomas, and the like. (Photo via

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Slow feeders are one of the best ways to prevent gastrointestinal problems, including GDV or “bloat.”’ They work by making the individual pieces of food just a little bit tougher for your dog to pick up and gulp down. My own dog used to wolf his dinner in about 2.6 seconds, which left him plenty of extra time for quick after-dinner barf. With his slow feeder, he takes a few actual MINUTES to finish and no longer has any time for his evening constitutional. You can find these bowls at local pet stores,,,, and lots of other places.

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Feliway Diffuser

These products mimic the natural pheromones cats release when they are happy. Using the sprays, diffusers and other products can help calm anxious cats at home and make vet visits easier! Some brand names include Feliway, Comfort Zone, and ThunderEase. (Photo via

No Flap Ear Wrap

It’s sooooo hard to get injured ears to heal. They’re basically just a bunch of blood vessels on a bed of cartilage with a skin lid. So when a dog has a hematoma, cut or bite on the ear, just one little shake of the head can cause all hell to break loose and your home to look like a crime scene. I have found the No Flap Ear Wrap to be an indispensable tool for these cases. You can purchase them on their website and through your veterinarian or online pet retailer. (Photo via

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