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Original article posted on Dr. Moore Student Vet

I didn’t set out to be a 40-something-year-old vet student. It just sort of turned out that way.

Back in 2008, things were cruising along pretty much according to plan. I was married, with 4 kids, a nice house, and an overall pretty nice life. Things were . . . nice.

Then came the recession. And a divorce. And a foreclosure on the nice house.

As it turned out, 2008 was decidedly NOT nice.

I needed a new place to live, and I needed a way to help support the 6 people in our house. Until a couple of years before, I had been working as a registered veterinary technician. It wasn’t one of those “I really need the paycheck” jobs,” but rather an “I really need an outlet outside of small children” jobs. If you know, you know . . .